"Yoga teaches us to take action, to do service for the sake of service, to embody the world we want to live in. I want to live in a world where all beings are cared for; where I am fearless and willing to take action big or small. Yoga offers us endless lessons in courage and moving from the heart."
---- Julia Butterfly Hill


In all aspects of life I am committed to serve as a parent, wife, community member, friend, instructor and as a charitable donor in both time and money.  My primary charity is Hadassah Hospital in Israel.  The art and science of healing and providing compassionate care is the most essential gift we can offer to all humans regardless of their ability to afford healthcare, race, religion or ethnicity. I believe that Hadassah is the best of what Israel has to offer our world. 

“Whoever saves a life, it is as if he has saved an entire world.” --- The Talmud

Hadassah Hospital lives this value and cares for every individual with dignity and  the individual's family with the same compassion and grace. Hadassah as an organization has always been able to build on the power of women to make history and to change the world, the power of women to see things as they should be, and not be silenced into accepting what is.  This power to dream, and to turn these dreams into a reality, is the true defining characteristic of this organization. 


As a lululemon Ambassador, I represent fantastic yoga apparel that takes me through almost every day of the week! The fabrics and styles are perfectly suited to an active lifestyle that goes from the studio to Saturday night! I can wear my Wunder Under yoga tights anywhere! The brand represents my values in all ways as an instructor, community member, and yogini. I love the Lululemon Calabasas store and all the inspiring men and women that I visit weekly for a dose of sunshine. They are refreshing, upbeat individuals who support me in my teaching practice and always serve up a smile. I enjoy teaching free classes to the community in this beautiful, eco-friendly store. Representing this amazing lifestyle company is an honor and a pleasure.


My other favorite charity is ASPCA:

I absolutely love animals.  We all share in the responsibility to protect our sweet creatures.