Holli Rabishaw | holliyoga@yahoo.com

Yoga is my union.  It is the place I create, inspire and relate at my best. I experience teaching as one of the limbs of my yoga practice as I am in service to others.  We are for each other cultivating a sacred space to move our bodies in a way that supports our good health, suppleness, flexibility and compassion.  While my classes are strong and fun, they are filled with care, preparation and intention.  Alignment instruction, sequencing, thematic infusions are all planned for the students that arrive and it always seems to be the ones that need what I am offering that day!  I establish a bond with students to ensure each person is honored as an individual but joined with the community to raise the roof of our individual potential.  I hold good space and fantastic music. I believe in adjustments as a way to manifest new awakenings in the physical body not as a means to correct or perfect. "Talking to the body" through careful instruction develops new grooves in the way we understand our neuromuscular control and how we carve new pathways for physical and mental expansion and growth.  

As my mother always says, "If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting."  There is always room to ungrip from the familiar and explore.  This is where I love to play on a playground of mat, wood floor, and sweat!

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To stay in touch send me a direct email and I will add you to my email list-serve for updates on upcoming events and workshops. holliyoga@yahoo.com