As a yoga instructor I inspire others to bring themselves into wholeness through this practice created for union. Yoga provides a path of transformation as we become more of ourselves. We simply breathe and move in our own divine flow. Yoga, specifically asana (poses) and breath together, shapes and molds us into awareness. We become sculptors of ourselves revealing the potential for stability, balance and grace. Yoga allows us to experience all possibilities; where we are tight, closed, or gripped and where we are strong, capable and open both physically and mentally. A regular yoga practice offers us precious moments of presence to find our edge carefully, to breathe space, and relieve tension. It is empowering that we can do this for ourselves.

In my own practice and in those I teach, I have ignited passion for an ancient practice with so much potential for healing. While I am strong and muscular as you view me, the classes I offer to students are accessible at any level of experience. I am committed to mindfully, safely, and playfully guide you on a path for your own yoga journey.

For over 10 years I have practiced yoga asana (poses), pranayama (breath), bhakti (devotion), and karma (acts of kindness). On your yoga path I hope you cultivate Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Growth, Freedom and Joy.

Holli Rabishaw

Yoga instructor E-RYT 500 Hrs
YTU® Integrated Self Massage Instructor
Functional Movement Instructor & Educator