Experience Individualized Yoga.

Begin a yoga practice, focus on breath and meditation, or tune your current practice with hands on adjustments, assisted stretching, and personalized  instruction.

Why PRIVATE yoga for beginners?
"I have never done yoga before."
"I am embarrassed that I am so inflexible and
have poor balance."
"My lower back hurts all the time and my shoulders
are so tight!"

Why PRIVATE YOGA for continuing students?
"I want a teacher to look at my poses and make adjustments."
"I have an injury and need to heal."
"I want to try advanced poses like headstand, handstand
and forearm balance."

Why PRIVATE YOGA with Holli?
"I am interested in supporting you towards your greatest potential. As we cultivate inner wisdom, we make more balanced life choices from a place of calm discernment. Private yoga is self study through movement linked with breath which creates a single point of focus in your day. Let's take the time together to bring your awareness to a new level in a safe and care-filled environment. Contact me directly at holliyoga@yahoo.com

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