Good Morning! I just wanted to thank you for a great session.  It's amazing when your body can move in ways you never thought possible. I not only feel great but I also slept like 10 hours!  If everyone did private yoga with Holli there would be no need for ambien!

- Helen Kress

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Holli: Holli is among the top of LA's vinyasa flow yoga instructors. She guides with humor, knowledge, dedication, sensitivity, and emotional balance. Her authenticity wells up in each class from her deep core of powerful compassion, intelligence, spirituality, and competence. Though she does challenge you, as all excellent teachers do, she also accommodates your personal abilities and emotional condition with unusual sensitivity. In Holli's class each practitioner is an individual enveloped, guided, protected, and respected.

- Barry Schweiger

I have been practicing yoga for about 9 years.  Holli Rabishaw is one of the best yoga teachers I have had.  One of the things I love about her classes is that each one is different!  I also find them to be challenging.  Holli makes sure her students are doing the poses correctly so that no one gets injured.  She puts a lot of thought into each class. She plays good music and her words are inspirational.  Holli has an amazing energy and really cares about her students.  Holli truly is a rock star.

Namaste.   Katherine Stark

The first couple of times I took Holli's class I cried.  Not because I was sad or in pain but because her words entered my soul in such a way that they opened the flood gates of my emotions.  I was so surprised but later on as I took more classes and became more familiar with Holli, I understood. Holli is an old, kind soul in a young, beautiful and strong body.  She teaches strength, flexibility and agility and also emphasizes kindness, gratitude, humility, openness and inner peace. 
Her class is like a complete life cycle.  It starts with a calm uncertainty, intention and breath and it moves through struggles, strength, compassion, relief for a moment and then work again, happiness, laughter, silliness, dance, music, blood flow, organs working and detoxing, openness and so much more. In the end you surrender to calmness and feel fulfilled and accomplished.
Taking Holli's classes and spending some time with her at her charitable events drives me to be a physically and mentally stronger woman and more giving to the community.  She truly understands the mind-body connection and inspires her students toward limitless possibilities.  She is a true gem in the Yoga community.  She is sweet, nice, warm, personable, silly, smart, worldly and welcoming.  She continues to learn and grow as a Yogi and as a person and brings her new knowledge to her classes.  As a result, her classes are always interesting, intriguing and never the same.  I have no doubt that she will keep making people healthy, happy and inspired. 

Love and Peace, Monique Forman

Holli Rabishaw: my yoga instructor, my friend -   by Terri Opell
For nearly a decade I practiced yoga alone in the privacy of my bedroom.  I taught myself with the aid of a book by Richard Hittleman.  I was drawn to the ancient practice of yoga after reading about its many benefits and the practice soon became an important counter-balance to my otherwise fast-paced existence.  During those years, the few times I dared venture to a yoga studio to learn more I felt out of place.  I couldn’t quite connect to the studio experience yet I knew I was missing an important component – the energy that is shared by practicing with a group of like-minded individuals. 

I met Holli on a social level first and one of the many things I liked about her was her commitment to health and fitness and mental well-being.  Yoga had been a part of her life for many years before she decided to become an instructor.  When I met her she inspired me to try new yoga studios and experience the benefit of that environment.  Through her guidance I found classes that “fit” for me and soon realized that I needed not just to be around the energy of other students, but I needed the guidance of a good instructor to gently correct me in the poses.   Things began to fall into place for me and I learned to take my practice to an entirely new level. 

Then Holli began to teach and I was fortunate to be one of her early students.  I fell in love with her teaching style right off the bat.  She is so passionate about sharing the gift of yoga that you can’t help but get caught up in her exuberant style.   As an instructor, Holli inspires me, challenges me, and helps me focus.  She gracefully walks the line by acknowledging and respecting ancient traditions while at the same time making her classes up-to-the-moment fresh and current.  Holli is not only gifted physically and spiritually but also verbally.  She has her own yoga vocabulary and uses words in such a way that you learn to release your inhibitions and explore the possibilities of delighting in your own body in ways you may have never thought possible.   It’s hard to describe this phenomenon but once you’ve taken her class you’ll know exactly what I mean! 

Sometimes I think I’m biased because we are friends, but something happened recently that reinforced what I knew in my heart to be true.  I walked into a class usually taught by another instructor I enjoy and was pleasantly surprised to find Holli there as a substitute instructor.  When the exquisitely challenging class was over and we walked out feeling both drained and restored, I heard the buzz all around me from those previously unfamiliar with Holli’s style:

“She’s soooo good!” “When else does she teach?” “She needs to be on the schedule for more classes.” “Wow! That was amazing!” and I smiled quietly to myself.  A new group of devotees was born and I was never so proud to call her my favorite instructor and very dear friend.

- Terri Opell