Strengthen. Relieve pain. Heal. 

Yoga Tune Up® is a fitness therapy format designed to eradicate PAIN, improve POSTURE and enhance PERFORMANCE through a unique blend of challenging & corrective exercise, self massage and yoga.

If pain is your new normal and you are in acceptance mode, change your tune! Everyday activities become pain free when you uncover body blind spots cultivating strength, stability and mobility.  We each have habitual movement patterns like hunching over the computer,  walking in flip flops or high heels, or driving and sitting too long.  If you are seeking to live better in your body by enhancing performance, reducing stress, and relaxing fully, Yoga Tune Up® is for you! 

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To view my free videos of YTU® self massage therapy ball sequences on YouTube, use the following links. 

 Jaw Roll Out
Therapy ball jaw sequence for jaw and headache pain due to teeth grinding and clenching, jaw stress and tension and TMJ.  Try this before you go to bed and when you rise!

Zombie with a Twist
Therapy ball neck and upper back sequence to melt pain and tension held in your trapezius muscles from carrying heavy bags, poor posture, and hunching over your computer. Try this before a workout or during your work day to literally erase discomfort from your tissues.

Easy Beach Rolling (no beach required!)
Therapy ball upper back, mid-back, and shoulders sequence to relieve pain and tension that causes limited range of motion and poor posture. Try these techniques anytime of day for a refreshing reset and to increase muscle fiber recruitment for strength and flexibility training.